The Responsible Driver Program

Last updated on November 2, 2021

RoadSafetyBC refers drivers to the Responsible Driving Program. We do this when we have prohibited a driver because of alcohol or drugs.

Research shows responsible driving programs reduce alcohol or drug related collisions and convictions.

We will send a letter to drivers we refer to the program. It will let them know about the program and the status of their licence.

Stroh Health Care runs the Responsible Driver Program for RoadSafetyBC.

Stroh interviews drivers referred to the program over the phone. It uses the results of the interview to determine if a driver must take the 8- or the 16-hour program.

Stroh shares the driver's results in the program and their attendance with RoadSafetyBC.

Visit Stroh Health Care's website for information on the program, its cost, and how to register.

Applying for a reconsideration

If you are eligible for a reconsideration, the process to follow is in the Notice to Refer to Remedial Programs letter we sent you. If you can't find your referral letter or need more information, contact ICBC or RoadSafetyBC.