Hardship Assistance

Last updated on June 30, 2023



Category Overview

The Hardship Assistance category provides information about when hardship assistance can be provided to meet the essential needs of persons who are not eligible for income or disability assistance.  All hardship assistance is provided on a temporary basis for one month at a time, and eligibility must be re-established for each month it is requested.

Hardship assistance may be provided in the following circumstances:

  • Awaiting EI – for applicants who are awaiting Employment Insurance (EI) through Service Canada
  • Awaiting Other Income – for applicants who are awaiting income from another source
  • Assets in Excess – for specified family units who have assets in excess of specified exemption levels, and the assets are not immediately available
  • Strike or Lockout – for applicants who are on strike or locked out, if the union is unable to meet their needs
  • Income in Excess – for families with dependent children, who have received income in excess of the maximum rate for their family unit and the excess income could not have been reasonably expected to meet basic needs
  • Immediate Need – Work Search Required – for applicants with an immediate need for food, shelter or medical attention who have not satisfied the 3-week work search requirement
  • Sponsorship Undertaking Default – for applicants who are awaiting verification of default of a Sponsorship Undertaking
  • Identity Not Established – for persons who have insufficient identification
  • SIN Required – for family units where the applicant or adult dependent is unable to provide a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Detailed information is available by clicking on the appropriate topic within the Hardship Assistance Category (left-hand menu).