Tourism Recovery Collaboration

The Government of B.C. collaborates with the tourism industry to guide its work in accelerating recovery and growth of the tourism sector in British Columbia.

These voices are represented in two forums -  the Tourism Sector Recovery Roundtable and the past work of the Tourism Task Force. 

Tourism Sector Recovery Roundtable

The Tourism Sector Recovery Roundtable provides a forum for Government and tourism sector association representatives to discuss opportunities related to tourism recovery and resilience in a coordinated and collaborative way.

The Roundtable has 22 members from key tourism associations and organizations  and provides:

  • a forum to discuss issues and propose actions to support tourism sector recovery and resiliency
  • a formal channel for ongoing two-way communication and engagement with senior levels of government
  • a way to coordinate tourism recovery and build a shared vision for the future of tourism in British Columbia

The composition of the roundtable reflects the geographic scope and broad diversity of British Columbia’s tourism sector.  The roundtable includes representatives from sub-sectors of tourism like:

  • Adventure tourism, campgrounds, ski resorts
  • Vancouver Airport and Greater Victoria Harbour Authorities
  • Recreation and sport organizations
  • Human resources
  • Indigenous tourism
  • Industry associations
  • Local or regional destination marketing organizations

For more details about the Roundtable, see the Terms of Reference here

Tourism Task Force

On Sept. 18, 2020, Government appointed 11 business and industry leaders to a Tourism Task Force focused on identifying actions to help B.C.’s tourism industry recover from the impacts of the pandemic and put the industry on a path toward long-term growth. The task force was formed as part of StrongerBC, British Columbia’s economic recovery plan.

Over a period of almost three months, members of the task force gathered information on best practices from other jurisdictions and analyzed the impact of existing provincial and federal relief programs. The task force also held targeted consultations through a series of regional and topic-specific stakeholder roundtables and received presentations from 12 tourism experts.

On Dec. 9, 2020, the task force presented its Final Report to the Minister of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport with a series of recommendations to support businesses, the labour force, and maintain confidence in travelers and communities.

Read the Task Force’s Final Report here.

For more information:

Read the news release announcing the Tourism Task Force here

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