Gambling Event Licence Fundraising Documents & Forms

Gambling event licence information, documents, and forms including: pre-application checklists; application guidelines; frequently asked questions; financial reporting forms; gambling event procedures; audit information; and more.

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Online Application Resources

These resources are intended to help you prepare for your online application.

Pre-Application Checklists

Frequently Asked Questions:

Application Forms

We recommend you submit your application online. Go to the Online Service to start your online application (look for the "Apply Online" link).

Note: Some Class A raffle licensees may be eligible to use computerized or electronic systems to conduct their raffles. If this applies to you, your licence application must be submitted online using the Online Service system; do not use the PDF form above. See the "How to apply" section on the Class A Licence page for more information.

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Reporting Forms & Information (financial, wrongdoing, etc.)

Use the Gaming Account Summary Report form to report all deposits to, and all disbursements from, your organization's gaming account(s) during your fiscal year. Organizations must submit this form within 90 days of their fiscal year-end.

Use the Gaming Event Revenue Report form to report all revenues and expenses associated with a licensed gambling event held by your organization. Organizations must submit this form within 90 days after the expiry of each gambling event licence.

This document outlines requirements for reporting wrongdoing for licensees and grant recipients.

Approval/Special Request Forms

Organizations must submit a special approval request form if they wish to use gaming funds for out-of-province travel or capital projects, or if they wish to get approval for their fair or exhibition as part of a Class C gambling event licence application.

Guidelines & Conditions

These documents provide important information about gambling event licences, including: eligibility; allowed use of funds; reporting; etc.

Standard Procedures for Gambling Events

These documents provide information about standards of operation for different types of gambling events.

Audit Information

Community organizations may be audited by to ensure compliance with guidelines and conditions. The documents below provide general information about audits and also highlight areas that can give rise to non-compliance, but are easily rectified.