Gambling Event Licence Fundraising Documents & Forms

Gambling event licence information, documents, and forms including: rules, guides, financial reporting, audit information, frequently asked questions and more.

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Licensed Charitable Gaming Rules

The Licensed Charitable Gaming Rules (PDF) are updated periodically. All applicants are strongly encouraged to review the rules in their entirety before each application to ensure they understand all eligibility and application criteria.

Licence Application Guides

To assist in the online application submission process, the following step-by-step guides have been provided for each licence class and event application type.

Supporting Application Forms

The following forms are required to be submitted in support of the below mentioned applications: 

  • When non-restricted firearms are offered as prizes
  • When electronic raffle systems and service providers are used
  • Payroll raffles with deductions to employee pay for entry
  • Ticket raffles where sales exceed one day

Organizations offering non-restricted firearm(s) as a prize must submit a Restricted Prizes Form (PDF) in support of an application by email to

Class A licensees may apply to use an Electronic Raffle System by selecting the Licensed Online Gaming (LGO) option within the online application and submitting the required addendum and the contract with their service provider in support to an application by email to

An Employee Consent Form Sample (PDF) must be submitted to at the time of application. Employees entered in the raffle must be advised of the raffle’s licence number and of the start and end dates. Permission from the employer is required before such a raffle may be held.

Custom printed tickets are required where any ticket sales period exceeds one day.

A Custom Printed Ticket Sample (PDF) must be submitted with each application, for review, when the gross projected sales are $100,000 or more. This must be submitted by email to

All criteria listed in Section 10.10 of the Licensed Charitable Gaming Rules (PDF) must be met.


Mandatory Reporting Forms & Information

Gaming Event Revenue Reports and Gaming Account Summary Reports must be submitted within the required time frames. At the discretion of GPEB, failure to submit the required reports may impact future licensing.

If for any reason an organization is unable to submit the required reports, they must email Licensed Charitable Gaming at

Gaming Event Revenue Reports (GERRs)

A GERR is a report that summarizes the actuals of each individual gaming event licence. The required fields include: gross revenue, prize costs, donated prizes, expenses and net revenue.

It is mandatory that all licensees complete a Gaming Event Revenue Report within 90 days after an event has occurred and the license period expires. 

Gaming Event Revenue Reports must now be submitted online using the the Online Service.

To assist clients, organizations and stakeholders through this transition, a step-by-step Gaming Event Revenue Report Online Submission Guide is available:

Gaming Event Revenue Reports submitted by mail, fax or email are no longer accepted.

Gaming Account Summary Reports (GASRs)

A GASR is a report that reflects the activity and all revenues and expenses within an organization gaming account for each fiscal year.

If an organization has a gaming account, a GASR must be submitted for each fiscal year end regardless of whether gaming events have taken place for that fiscal year.

It is mandatory that all licensees with a gaming account complete a Gaming Account Summary Report within 90 days of their fiscal year end. 

GASRs may be submitted by email to

Approval & Special Request Forms

Using the Online Service, organizations must submit a special approval request if they wish to use gaming funds for:

  • Out-of-province travel
  • Major capital projects (projects valued greater than $20,000 overall
  • For approval of a fair or exhibition as part of a Class C gaming event licence application

Submit online through the Online Service using the "Apply Online" link. Special approval requests are found under the “Special Approvals” licence type.

For assistance, see the Questions & Contact Information page.

Resources & Sample Forms

The following resources and sample forms have been made available to support the hosting of successful and compliant gambling events.

Audit Information

Community organizations may be audited by to ensure compliance with guidelines and conditions. The documents below provide general information about audits and also highlight areas that can give rise to non-compliance, but are easily rectified.

Reporting Wrongdoing

Here are the requirements for licencees and grant recipients to report allegations of wrongdoing in connection with their gaming-related activities.