Missing Persons Act - Reports

The Missing Persons Act (the Act) came into force June 9, 2015, setting out the provisions for accessing records that will help find missing persons, including special provisions for people who are vulnerable, youth and persons at risk.

The Act allows a member of a police force to apply to the court for records to help find a missing person. When there is a risk of serious harm to a missing person or a concern that records could be destroyed, the Act authorizes officers to make an Emergency Demand for Records without going through the court. Section 18 of the Act requires that a report on the use of  Emergency Demands for Records must be submitted to the Minister or his or her designate on an annual basis and must be made public.

Ministerial Order No. 353 requires that Emergency Demands for Records Annual Reports be submitted to the Director of Police Services by February 15 each year.

2017 Reports Respecting Emergency Demands for Records

2016 Reports Respecting Emergency Demands for Records 

2015 Reports Respecting Emergency Demands for Records