1912 to 1937: Corrections in the early 1900s




1912: Gaol (jail) established in Prince George as part of the Land Office and Hudson’s Bay Company

Prince George Gaol (Jail) (1912)

1913: Saanich Prison Farm established where Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre stands today

Saanich Prison Farm (1913)

1926: Prince George Gaol (jail) moves to a new location in the local provincial government building

Prince George Gaol (Jail) at current location (since 1926)

1937: New Haven opens for young adults

New Haven was established on the southeast side of Marine Drive in Burnaby at the end of 1937. The facility housed 19 individuals with two staff. It was also one of the first initiatives in Canada to segregate young adult inmates in a separate institution from adults. Superintendents A. McLead and Ernie Stevens were appointed to manage the facility.

A training program, based on the “honour system,” was implemented, and individuals were trusted not to leave the property. New Haven empowered them to adapt to the community with the aid of supervision when released.

Besides farm work, there were courses in:

  • Mining
  • Woodworking
  • First aid
  • English
  • Elementary school

New Haven Correctional Centre closed in March 2001. 

Ernie Stevens speaks about New Haven

Former Commissioner of Corrections Ernie Stevens speaks about the New Haven Correctional Centre and its administrative relationship with Oakalla Prison Farm. (Duration: 0:49)