Strategic Operations Division

The Strategic Operations Division ensures our information technology systems, policies and programs are effective. 

Staff in this division support probation and correctional officers in the field by providing:

  • Policy analysis
  • Program development and management
  • Guidance on addressing Indigenous overrepresentation
  • Research and evaluation
  • Information management and technology development
  • Strategic direction

The division works to ensure that case management focuses on changing criminal behaviour and protecting communities. Strategic Operations staff continually work to refine our correctional policy, practices, tools and programs.

The Strategic Operations Division also develops and supports branch staff with the technology used to monitor and manage individuals, such as the electronic supervision program and our client management software, CORNET.

Staff in the division’s Indigenous Programs and Relationships Section guide us to:

  • Build and strengthen our relationships with Indigenous communities
  • Support culture-based programs
  • Understand the role of culture in healing and supporting behavioural change
  • Develop and deliver cultural safety training

The Performance, Research and Evaluation (PREv) Unit takes an evidence-based approach to develop, implement and evaluate BC Corrections’ programs. The PREv Unit combines empirical research, business intelligence and tested best practices to support the work that happens across our organization each day.

See Research & Evaluation to learn more about the PREv Unit and visit Reducing Offending to read about the programs supported by PREv.