Capital Projects Division

The Capital Projects Division plans and directs new building projects to ensure B.C. Corrections has the physical infrastructure to support operations. The division is committed to sustainable, long-range planning; evidence-based correctional centre design; and using technology effectively for security, surveillance and building management.

To address capacity and crowding concerns, the division is in the process of a significant, two-phase capital expansion plan.

Phase I added 340 new cells, along with 200 new correctional staff, through a $185-million investment in the opening of:

  • A 20-cell women’s unit at the Prince George Regional Correctional Centre in 2010.
  • A new 104-cell facility at the Alouette Correctional Centre for Women in Maple Ridge in 2012.
  • A 216-cell expansion to the Surrey Pretrial Services Centre in 2014.

Phase II includes the construction of the Okanagan Correctional Centre, a new, secure, 378-cell facility scheduled for completion in fall 2016. It will result in the hiring of 240 additional correctional staff.