Adult Custody Division

B.C. Corrections operates 10 correctional centres throughout the province. The correctional centres house individuals who are awaiting trial, serving a provincial jail sentence or being held pending an immigration review. While the levels of security vary from centre to centre, each offers inmate programs, education and vocational training that are proven to address factors that contribute to criminal behaviour.

Correctional officers and supervisors also collaborate with community partners to create programs that provide inmates with opportunities to give back to society.

Correctional Officers and Supervisors

Most B.C. Corrections’ adult custody staff members are correctional officers and supervisors, supporting inmates in open living units, in classrooms and at work programs.

They use respectful communication and leadership skills to maintain order and model positive thinking and behaviour. Correctional officer training includes:

  • Effective communication with inmates
  • Conflict resolution
  • Case management
  • Crisis intervention
  • Learning about the criminal justice system

Others who work in correctional centres include:

  • Instructors, who deliver training and education to inmates
  • Chaplains, who offer spiritual support to inmates and staff
  • Financial and administrative staff, who provide organizational support

Contractors provide health care, meals, facility maintenance and special programming for inmates.