More B.C. Custody Programs

Programs and services are also available to you if you are serving your sentence in a B.C. provincial correctional centre.

Custody Programs - Provided By Working With Partners

B.C. provincial correctional centres also participate in community-based partnerships.

  • Fire Hose Program – Offenders clean and repair fire hoses for the Ministry of Forests and Range for fire suppression programs in B.C. and other provinces
  • Fire Crews – Offenders assist in forest fire suppression in B.C.
  • Invasive Weed Program – In partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, offenders remove invasive weeds from Crown lands
  • Highway Safety - In partnership with the Ministry of Transportation, offenders remove bushes and shrubs along major corridors to improve traffic and animal safety
  • Alouette River Salmon Enhancement Program - Offenders work with the Alouette River Management Society, Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management on a large-scale salmon enhancement project
  • Other Projects that benefit the community, such as repairing park benches and constructing bike paths and sections of the Trans Canada Trail