Applying to develop a resort

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The planning process of any resort development moves through this sequence of events:

  1. Description of the vision or "Expression of Interest"
  2. Generation of the concept or "Proposal"
  3. Creation of the resort Master Plan
  4. Maintenance through regular review

For details on how to apply for new development, propose changes, or apply for tenure under an existing resort master plan, see below.

Proposal requirements

If you are an existing resort developer in British Columbia, currently have an approved resort master plan, and your proposal is a major change to this master plan, your proposal will need to undergo a formal review process.

If you are an existing resort operator in B.C. and you wish to apply for a tenure under your existing resort master plan, start a Crown land tenure application.

Legislation, regulations, policies and guidelines

Government and other stakeholders

The resort development process often involves a range of stakeholders who have the opportunity to provide input on application requirements and decisions. Groups that may participate include the following:

  • Other provincial ministries and agencies (including Crown Land Administration, the Environmental Assessment Office and others)
  • The federal government
  • Local governments (affected municipalities and regional districts)
  • First Nations
  • Other parties with an interest in the land (such as current tenure holders, which might include licensed guides or others)