Timber Program

Mountain Resorts Branch Timber Program: What we do

The Timber Program of the Mountain Resorts Branch is responsible for:

Application Process

The Mountain Resorts Branch recommends that you first contact the Land and Timber Manager or Land and Timber Technician prior to applying. In most cases you will require the services of a forest professional to complete assessments, prepare the harvest plan and sign off on the application.

At a minimum, the following will be required at the application phase:

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Application Review Process

  • Application data entered into Forest Tenures Administration (FTA)
  • MRB review occurs: consideration of Master Development Agreement, Master Plan, Forest Act, FRPA, First Nations consultation, stakeholder referrals, etc.
  • Determine if silviculture obligations are required
  • Licence documents/Exhibit 'A' prepared and sent out for signing
  • Stumpage rate typically is the Controlled Recreation Area Table Rate, but may also be determined through a full appraisal as per the Interior Appraisal Manual

Harvest/Post Harvest

  • Inspections by Mountain Resorts Branch or Compliance and Enforcement staff may occur
  • Clients may be requested to provide progress reports
  • A Post Harvest Report will be required upon completion of timber harvesting where the forest professional will assess Waste and Residue against benchmarks, fire hazard abatement, deactivation.