How to Apply for Crown Land - Fees

Fees for Crown land programs consist of application fees and other service fees for administrative tasks associated with processing applications and managing tenure agreements. Further information can be found here:

Information on application fee refunds can be found below.

Application Fee Refunds

Applications for Crown land are submitted electronically through FrontCounter BC.

Applications must be complete and comply with specific program requirements as found in the applicable land use policy. Once an application fee has been submitted with an application, the refund percentages indicated below apply.

Refunds are not available for replacement, amendment or assignment application fees.

Item/Phase Refund Amount
Application fee is $250 or less No refund
Application is abandoned by the applicant prior to notification of a disallowance/refusal or offer of a tenure Refund 50 percent of the application fee
Application is disallowed/refused by authorizing agency Refund 20 percent of the application fee
An offer of tenure is made by authorizing agency (does not matter whether the offer is accepted or not) No refund