Public access and Controlled Recreation Areas

  • Public access within Controlled Recreation Areas is managed by ski area operators under agreement with the Province.

  • Significant public safety hazards are present within Controlled Recreation Areas throughout the year. For example, avalanche areas, rock fall areas, creeks/ponds, active construction sites, heavy equipment, operations vehicles and more are all examples of public safety hazards that could be present.

  • Mountain resort and community ski area operators are authorized to manage and direct public access within Controlled Recreation Areas year-round for the purpose of safe and orderly operation of the resort and to conduct development and ongoing maintenance activities.

  • Please visit your local resort/ski area’s website or by contact by phone for detailed information and advisories about public access within their Controlled Recreation Area.

  • Please respect Controlled Recreation Area signage, including closures and direction from ski area staff and area patrols.

  • Persons found to be in trespass or in contravention of public access advisories within Controlled Recreation Areas may be evicted from the area and face enforcement actions by local authorities.