Natural Resource Major Projects

Major projects are complex natural resource development projects that require several different levels of planning and approvals. They usually share the following characteristics:

  •     Require a significant capital investment
  •     Take place on Crown land
  •     Involve multiple government authorizations

Coordinated Authorizations

B.C.'s natural resource sector ministries use a coordinated approach, which means multiple authorizations and permits are treated as a single project rather than a group of individual permits and authorizations.

Several authorization and permitting processes are melded together for major projects to eliminate duplicated effort. This helps ensure that better decisions are made, shorter timelines and environmental standards are maintained or enhanced.

Major Projects in B.C.

The Provincial Government's natural resource major projects office ensures that timely, high-quality decisions are made for permitting natural resource major projects.

Learn about major projects already underway in B.C. or find out how to get one started: