Doing Business on the Land Base

Opportunities are regularly sought in the natural resource sector to improve sector administration and health and safety requirements for workers, clients, and contractors. This could include new application systems, eligibility criteria or other matters aligned with the opportunity and value associated with activities on the land base.

Qualified Persons/Firms in the Natural Resource Sector

The agencies that regulate the use of natural resources (NRS agencies) in British Columbia are looking at opportunities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of natural resource administration. The use of qualified persons is one approach to achieving this objective.

Public and Worker Health and Safety

When contracting firms to undertake work on the land base, NRS agencies may have certain safety obligations. Ensuring firms that are hired can competently address hazards and provide for the safety of their employees is of interest to all parties. Given the commitment to safety, in certain instances, eligibility for contracts may be dependent on firms meeting specific safety standards in the tender or contract conditions. One example may be the expectation that the firm is certified to specified standards.