Major Project Stakeholders & First Nations

The coordinated authorization process includes getting input from stakeholders — anyone with authority or interest in how B.C.'s natural resources are used. This input helps to:

  • Identify significant environmental or social values impacted
  • Make sure that best practices are used
  • Enforce legislation, policies and standards

Provincial Government

Natural Resource Sector ministries provide leadership and guidance related to the sustainability of natural resources and the authorization/permitting process.

Applications for natural resource development projects start with FrontCounter BC. After an application has been accepted, it is assigned to a major project representative who will help connect proponents with each ministry that needs to be involved.

Crown Corporations

As experts in the sector, Crown corporations ensure industry best practices are adhered to and are responsible for protecting environmental and social values.

Local Governments

Major projects must align with local government Official Community Plans and zoning bylaws, especially as these relate to water, sewer, sanitation, transportation, public safety, local economic development and parks and recreation enhancements. Dialogue and coordination with officials will help determine local requirements for approval.

First Nations

Consultation with First Nations is essential to land and resource decision-making. It is mandatory for all major project proposals.

Federal Government

Depending on the project, some federal authorizations may also be required from:


As part of the project planning phase, public engagement helps to identify potential problems and ensure community development goals are considered. Public consultation also gives developers an overview of the social and political make-up of surrounding communities.