Chief Forester’s Standards for Seed Use

The province's chief forester established the Chief Forester's Standards for Seed Use in accordance with the Forest and Range Practices Act and its regulations. These standards came into effect on April 1, 2005.

These standards require that seed used to establish a free growing stand on blocks subject to Forest and Range Practices Act must be registered and stored with the Tree Improvement Branch. Seed must meet specific collection, genetic diversity and physical quality requirements to be eligible for registration. Seed that has been genetically modified cannot be registered.

The standards require people to select seed with a genetic worth (level of improvement) of 5% of greater for the trait that best meets the forest management objectives of the stand. Seed must also be transferred from its source to a planting site in accordance with the limits prescribed in the standards. The transfer limits are specific to a species and seed source (for example, natural stand or parent trees located in a seed orchard) and defined by seed planning zones, and elevation, latitudinal and longitudinal ranges.

Collectively, these standards maintain the identity, adaptability, diversity and productivity of the province's tree gene resources.

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