Policy and Planning section contact list

Review this list of Forest Improvement and Research Management - Policy and Planning staff to find out who to contact for specific information.

Sabina Donnelly
Seed Resource Specialist

Phone: 778 974-4810
Email: Sabina.Donnelly@gov.bc.ca

Contact Sabina if you have questions about:

  • Seed Planning and Registry system (SPAR) support, training, business development
  • Assistance with SPAR Seedling Requests and all SPAR use
  • Chief Forester Standards for Seed Use
  • Climate Based Seed Transfer (CBST), seed planning

Kevin Astridge
Seed Policy Officer

Phone: 778 974-2453
Email: kevin.astridge@gov.bc.ca 

Contact Kevin if you have questions about:

  • Tree Seed Use Policy and Regulations
  • Chief Forester's Standards for Seed Use including Alternatives
  • Climate Based Seed Transfer

Krista Copeland

Decision Support Officer
Phone: 778 943-6966

Contact the Decision Support Officer for:

  • Seed use and planning for Timber Supply Analysis 
  • Integrated Silviculture Strategies
  • Seed policy questions