Policy and Planning section contact list

Review this list of Forest Improvement and Research Management - Policy and Planning staff to find out who to contact for specific information.

Contact For this topic:
Susan Zedel
Seed Resource Specialist
Phone: 778-974-3843
Cell: 250-893-1481

 Seed Planning and Registry system (SPAR) support, training, business development. Assistance with SPAR Seedling Requests and all SPAR use. Chief Forester Standards for Seed Use, Climate Based Seed Transfer (CBST), seed planning.

Margot Spence
Seed Policy Officer
Phone: 778-974-5624

Tree Seed Use Policy and Regulations, Chief Forester's Standards for Seed Use including Alternatives, Climate Based Seed Transfer.

Leslie McAuley
Decision Support Officer
Phone: 778-974-5492
Seed use and planning for Timber Supply Analysis and Integrated Silviculture Strategies.