Operational Tree Improvement program

The Tree Improvement Program is an operational investment plan for managing the genetic resources in B.C.’s forest. It is sponsored by the Land Based Investment Strategy (LBIS).

The program focuses on improving the public forest asset base by:

  • Supporting development and availability of genetically well-adapted, high-quality reforestation material originating from natural sources
  • Conserving our forest gene resources

The Forest Genetics Council (FGC) of British Columbia, appointed by B.C.'s Provincial Chief Forester, guides tree improvement activities in the province. The Council represents multiple provincial stakeholders who are involved with gene resource management. It sets goals and objectives, and oversees the development and delivery of business plans needed to fulfill them. The annual FGC Business Plan outlines the activities and budgets of the seven subprograms that make up the provincial forest gene resource management program.

Strategic and business planning

The Forest Genetics Council sets strategic objectives for the provincial forest gene resource management program. Through its four Technical Advisory Committees (TACs), Council lays the groundwork for its Business Plan for Operational Production, and Breeding and Testing sub-programs.


  • Estimate seed demand, production capacity, and genetic gain for each of the 11 commercial tree species breeding programs
  • Rank seed planning units (SPUs) for investment
  • Develop strategies for priority seed planning units
  • Prepare species plans consistent with seed planning unit strategies

Each species plan includes seed planning zones that encompass the top 43 seed planning units in the province. The Province is solely responsible for implementing the breeding and testing portion. Operational Production is delivered by way of an open call for proposals.