Tree seed workshops and events

Tree seed meetings and workshops provide an opportunity to share valuable information.

Please send us any feedback or expressions of interest in future tree seed workshops.

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Seed Biology and Physiology UBC 2020

The following videos contain a lecture presented by Dave Kolotelo who is the Cone and Seed Improvement Officer at the Tree Seed Centre in Surrey BC. These videos provide a background on the work done at the Tree Seed Centre, conifer reproductive biology and tree seed biology.

Tree Seed Working Group workshop 2019

The Tree Seed Working Group (TSWG) workshop was held in Lac Delage, Quebec (August 19, 2019) in association with the 36th meeting of the Canadian Forest Genetics Association (CFGA).

Theme of the workshop

The theme of the workshop was “Reaffirm the Importance of Cone and Seed Services and identify knowledge Gaps”. There were about 60 people who attended the workshop. Since we had received interest from others unable to attend, we are posting the pdf versions of the presentations here.

To the organizers, the activities that pertain to cone collection, handling, processing, storage and pretreatment of cones and seeds and their critical role in sustainable forest management are not well understood or appreciated.

The workshop started with overview of our working group, a memorial to those who have recently passed and facilities closed and a celebration of significant facility anniversaries. Previous to our workshop a survey of priorities was circulated and that formed the basis for our selected review areas. These included the following provided topics.

Melissa Spearing

  • Crop Development and Training
  • Appropriate Facilities and Expertise

Fabienne Colas

  • Cone Crop Challenges
  • Storage, Testing and Seed Preparation

Dave Kolotelo

  • Genetic Conservation
  • New Tools

We were also given the opportunity to present the highlights of our workshop at the main conference and this presentation is also included below. We welcome your feedback, contribution of articles to our biannual newsletter and further discussion of these topics. Thank you for your interest.

  1. TSWG Workshop Summary (PDF, 19.2MB)
  2. TSWG Full Workshop Presentation (PDF, 16.7MB)

Cone Collection Workshops 2018

Connections Through Seed 2018

The Connections Through Seed Workshop was held at the Tree Seed Centre on October 16 and 17, 2018.



Whitebark pine workshop 2018

In celebration of the provincial Tree Seed Centre’s 60th Anniversary we hosted a whitebark pine workshop to acknowledge our stewardship mandate.

Event summary 

The workshop consisted of several presentations, available below, and some hands-on seed cutting tests and  x-ray evaluations. It was a great opportunity for us to connect with a wider client base and show how our facility can play a role towards this endangered species’ recovery. 

If you want more information on whitebark pine or are looking for ways to contribute to its recovery, please visit the Whitebark Pine Ecosystem Foundation of Canada. If you would like more information about the Tree Seed Centre, please visit our webpage.

Cone Maturation, Collection, Storage and Handling 2014

Dave Kolotelo

Tree Seed Workshop 2013

On July 22, 2013, the B.C. Tree Seed Centre hosted the Tree Seed Working Group workshop. The overall theme was “Reproductive Biology.” 48 people attended the workshop. The day started with a general review of reproductive biology topics, and then switched to focusing on lodgepole pine seed set problems in north Okanagan seed orchards.

Presentations and agendas

Seed Use Efficiency Meeting 2008

On its 50th Anniversary, the Tree Seed Centre hosted a seed use efficiency meeting in Langley, B.C. (July 30 and 31, 2008). The intent was to start with a big picture “spaceship” view and zoom in on the activities, challenges, opportunities and costs throughout the seed handling system.

Event summary 

The event attracted about 95 people from breeding and seed orchard programs, cone collectors and processors, nursery personnel and a host of forestry professionals looking for ways to increase seed use efficiency.

There were many good discussions and a far better understanding of the various businesses involved in the seed handling system after the meeting. The Tree Seed Centre will continue to examine opportunities for increased seed use efficiencies and welcome comments on the subject from attendees and others who have ideas, practices, or results to increase seed use efficiency.

Presentations and agendas


Tree Seed Workshop 2007

In 2007, there were tree seed workshops at five B.C. locations: Vernon, Prince George, Kamloops, Langley and Cowichan Lake Research Station. The presentations provide an overview of reproductive and tree seed biology, fungal biology and diseases, the operational processing and use of tree seeds, and an overview of current extension initiatives.