Climate-based seed transfer

Science-based seed transfer is the foundation for effective reforestation and genetic adaptation of stock planted. It's part of B.C.’s sustainable forest management system.

Climate Based Seed Transfer (CBST) is an important climate change adaptation strategy to promote healthy, resilient and productive forests and ecosystems through the matching of seedlings/seedlots to future (projected) planting site climates. 

The Climate-Based Seed Transfer (CBST) project falls within the 'Resilience' component of the Climate-Based Genetic Resource Management initiative. It's led by the Forest Improvement and Research Management Branch and the Forest Genetics Council of British Columbia. 

For more information, see the Climate-Based Seed Transfer Project (PDF, 1.4MB). To learn more about the science behind CBST see our technical report, A Proposed Climate-based Seed Transfer System for British Columbia January 2017 (PDF, 656KB).

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