Timber Cruising

Timber Cruising is the process of measuring the volume and quality of standing and down timber before it has been harvested.

Learn more by viewing the following current and historical Manuals and Amendments:

Cruising Resources:

Sample Cruise Plan Map (PDF)

CSV Documentation:

  • Here are some examples of the file names listed:

license-cp-lf = loss factor full volumes (coast & interior): A12345-987-lf.csv
license-cp-lf-r = loss factor with reduction: A12345-987-lf-r.csv
license-cp-cgnf = coast call grade net factor full volumes: A12345-987-cgnf.csv
license-cp-cgnf-r = coast call grade net factor with reduction: A12345-987-cgnf-r.csv

For more information please see the following files: