Go Electric Vehicle Incentive Program

Go Electric commercial vehicle program is designed to support the adoption of electric and hydrogen vehicles in a variety of vehicle applications. Zero-emission specialty-use vehicles include electric or hydrogen fuel cell motorcycles, low-speed utility trucks, heavy duty transport trucks, passenger buses and airport and port services vehicles. 

The program is available to individuals, and to public and private fleets in British Columbia. Public and private fleets are able to access the incentive in all vehicle categories. However, individuals will only be able to access two vehicle incentive categories: motorcycles and low-speed vehicles. All applications to the program are subject to the availability of program funds. 

This program targets specialty-use vehicles that are not included in the Go Electric passenger vehicle incentive program.  If a vehicle is included in the Go Electric passenger vehicle incentive program, or would be eligible under the Program but has been excluded due to a manufacturer suggested retail price greater than $55,000, it is not eligible for this program.  Conversions are not eligible under this program.

Incentives will be available until March 31st, 2020 or until available funding is depleted, whichever comes first.

The Go Electric commercial vehicle program is administered through the Fraser Basin Council Society.

Visit the program website for program details