Clean Transportation Energy Solutions

Last updated on June 4, 2021

Transportation provides essential services for the economy, but also produces significant impacts, including economic costs and environmental impacts related to increasing greenhouse gas emissions. In B.C. we are working to make transportation cleaner, through investment in zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), low carbon fuels and technology.

CleanBC is moving the province to a future with cleaner transportation options. The Province of British Columbia has developed a suite of actions that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions from B.C.’s transportation sector and create economic opportunities.

The switch to ZEVs and fueling with low carbon alternative fuels plays an important role in achieving our climate goals and creating good jobs in a diversified economy.

The Province of British Columbia is committed to:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the use of transportation fuels,
  • Developing a low carbon transportation industry by supporting the transition to zero-emission vehicles across all modes,
  • Expanding the range of transportation technology and low carbon fuel options for British Columbia.

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