Go Electric Commercial Vehicle Pilots Program

The CleanBC Go Electric Commercial Vehicle Pilots (CVP) Program intends to encourage and accelerate the adoption of commercial zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). The CVP Program is for B.C.-based businesses, non-profits, local governments, Indigenous communities and eligible public entities looking to deploy ZEV technology in commercial applications along with supporting infrastructure.

As a requirement of taking part in the program, participants must collect and share data related to the ZEV deployments that will be used to further the understanding of the operational capabilities of commercial ZEVs. The Program has several pre-qualified telematics service providers that meet the data collection requirements.

Program Funding

There is a total of $11 million in funding available through the CVP Program. Successful applicants are eligible to receive funding support of up to one-third of total costs of their ZEV deployments and/or infrastructure projects. The CVP Program funding call is expected to support several on-road medium, and heavy-duty applications, as well as one or two in the marine, rail, air, or off-road categories.

The final number and types of applications supported will be at the discretion of the Program Advisory Committee.

The CVP program is administered through MNP LLP.

Please visit the CVP program website for more details.