Geothermal Geoscience Resources

Geothermal Resources in B.C.

A summary map and description of locations where geothermal resources have been identified or may be found in British Columbia.



National Geothermal Program

Several locations in British Columbia were explored in the 1970s and 1980s as part of the National Geothermal Energy Program. The following work reports were submitted as a result of this program which ended in 1986.

Regional Exploration

Mount Meager

Mount Cayley

  • G.T. 1 Summary Report Mt. Cayley, Geothermal Prospect, Parcel G-3
    Dellechaie, F/ Corman, F.D. 1984  O'Brien Energy & Resources Limited 92-J-SW
  • G.T. 2 Geothermal Test Hole Project Report, Mt. Cayley Area
    O'Brien Energy 1985 O'Brien Energy Ltd. 92-J-SW
  • G.T. 24 Mount Cayley Geothermal Test Hole (PDF, 8.3MB)
    1980 B.C. Hydro 92-J-NE, NW, SE, SW
  • G.T. 43 D.C. Resistivity Survey - Mt. Cayley - Squamish (PDF, 0.7MB)
    Shore, G.A., Schlax, M.G. 1982 Nevin, Sadlier-Brown, Goodbrand Ltd. for B.C. Hydro 92-J-NE, NW, SE, SW
  • Nevin Sadlier-Brown Goodbrand Ltd., 1981.
    Brandywine #1 Geological Log.
  • Ryder, A.J.D., February 1983
    Report on a Reconnaissance Hydrogeochemistry Survey of the Southwestern Drainages of Mount Cayley, British Columbia. 
  • Shore, G.A., June 1983.
    Report on E-SCAN Multiple Pole-Pole Resistivity Survey at Mt. Cayley, British Columbia. Premier Geophysics Inc.
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  • Werner, L.J., 1981.
    Report on Preliminary Magnetometer Survey Mt. Cayley Area Southern B.C.
    Conducted as part of contract no. 053-80-00129.