Renewable Energy

British Columbia has abundant renewable energy sources, a natural advantage for new opportunities to meet our growing energy demands with clean, renewable power.

The 2007 BC Energy Plan (PDF, 1.8MB) set out the Province's commitment to reaching 100% self-sufficient electricity supply by 2016, 90% of this supply coming from renewable, clean energy resources. Additionally, through the BC Bioenergy Strategy (PDF, 19.8MB), the Province is committed to the provision of 50% renewable fuel requirements and creating 10 community energy projects derived from biomass by 2020. The 2010 Clean Energy Act requires that 93% of all electricity must come from clean or renewable sources. 

This leads to B.C. being in an advantageous position for investment and innovation in the areas of clean and renewable energy and technologies.

The Province coordinates projects and research with other agencies and organizations to maximize opportunities to develop, deploy and export British Columbia’s clean and renewable energy technologies in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective manner.

The Resource Supply Potential for Renewable Natural Gas in B.C. Study was completed to inform Renewable Natural Gas-related amendments under the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Regulation (GGRR). Natural gas utilities are allowed to acquire up to 5% of their supply using renewable natural gas. This percentage will be increasing as per the CleanBC plan (PDF, 5.4MB).