Abattoir licences

 The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries issues Abattoir licences under the Meat Inspection Regulation (MIR) of the BC Food Safety Act.

NOTICE: Effective October 1, 2021, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries will create new slaughter establishment licences. Review the public announcement here.

The Ministry is transitioning all existing Class A and B slaughter establishment licences to Abattoir licences.

Regional health authorities will continue to provide oversight of further processing and retail sales to the public.

Provincial abattoir licences will be available throughout the province. These establishments are permitted to slaughter and are required to have a trained Meat Inspection Program Inspector present to inspect animals before and after slaughter.

Meat produced in licensed abattoirs can only be sold within the province.

Resources and how to apply

Resources and information on how to apply will be made available October 1, 2021.

Emergency slaughter

The B.C. Meat Inspection Program permits emergency slaughter of animals at a provincially licensed abattoir or on a farm when a Meat Hygiene Inspector is not present. In either of these situations, emergency slaughter must occur under the supervision of a veterinary practitioner. The Establishment Operator and Animal Producer Agent Emergency Slaughter Guidelines (PDF, 233 KB) detail the requirements and obligations for conducting emergency slaughter under the authority of the B.C. Meat Inspection Program when a Meat Hygiene Inspector is not present.