Food Safety Plan

The delivery of safe food to consumers requires specific attention at every step from farm to plate. A food safety plan guides the planning and management of slaughter activities at Class D and E rural slaughter establishments

The food safety plan is intended to support farmers in pre-slaughter, slaughter and post-slaughter handling of meat, in order to address possible sources of food contamination.

The SlaughterSafe training course guides participants through the development of a food safety plan for a proposed Class D or E slaughter site. The following tools will be of interest to individuals that have taken the SlaughterSafe course and are developing their own plan, as well as anyone interested in food safety planning and management in the slaughter process.

Health authority staff will  assess your food safety plan and your proposed slaughter site prior to issuing a licence during an on-farm site assessment. A copy of the evaluation form that the assessor will use has been included here to give applicants a sense of what is being evaluated - it is for information only, and applicants do not need to complete it.

How Do I Apply for a Class D or E Licence