SlaughterRight training

SlaughterRight is a comprehensive update to the previous SlaughterSafe training used by health authorities and is designed to help more British Columbians enjoy safe, locally raised meat. In addition to a new Download SlaughterRight Manualtraining manual (PDF, 1.8 MB) and workbook (PDF, 563 KB), new elements of the program include compulsory development of food safety and humane slaughter plans, as well as a set of standard operating procedures specific to each operation. 

SlaughterRight was developed by the ministry to support producers who intend to become licensed as a rural slaughter establishment and process their livestock and poultry through on-farm slaughter. Its focus is for operators to understand critical food safety points in the slaughter process that must be considered and managed so that meat products are safe to consume. The course will also reinforce awareness and understanding of enhanced animal welfare practices.

Who needs SlaughterRight training?

The completion of this course is mandatory and required for all new Farmgate and Farmgate Plus licence holders, as well as all existing licence holders who are applying for a new licence or renewing an existing one.

How do I complete my SlaughterRight training?

  1. Download the SlaughterRight manual (PDF, 1.8 MB) and the SlaughterRight Workbook (PDF, 563 KB)
  2. Review the Manual, and complete the workbook based on the species intended for slaughter and outline the Standard Operating Procedures that will make up the Food SafetyDownload SlaughterRight Workbook Plan and Humane Slaughter Plan
  3. Submit the workbook as part of the Farmgate or Farmgate Plus application package. See the Farmgate and Farmgate Plus webpage for more information on how to apply
  4. As part of the application process, after a complete application package is submitted, a Meat Inspection Program staff member will contact the applicant to review the SlaughterRight workbook and food safety plan, and to schedule a site assessment visit


These materials are intended to provide training on food safety, and hygienic and humane slaughter only. It remains the responsibility of every person to ensure compliance with all applicable legislative, regulatory and licensing requirements of federal, provincial and local governments in operating a slaughter establishment, including but not limited to safe food handling, avoidance of contamination, and humane slaughter.

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