Farm mechanization

Agricultural mechanization was one of the key societal factors responsible for the development of urbanization and industrial economies. In addition to improving production efficiency, mechanization encourages large-scale production, improves the quality of farm produce, and reduces the unit cost of production.

Energy on the farm

Renewable energy is energy that can be replenished and is suitable for farm and ranch operations, especially when located far from city infrastructure. Unlike fossil fuels, energy sources such as the sun and wind provide an unlimited supply. Renewable energy can be used for many different applications such as heating, cooling, lighting, mechanical energy and power generation. Types of renewable energy include passive solar, solar air, solar water, photovoltaic solar panels, wind, heat pumps, anaerobic digestion, biomass, hydroelectric power generation and tidal generation. Learn more:

Farm equipment

The extensive use of equipment defines any modern farm operation. The development of technologies that incorporate sensors and computers is changing the farming landscape rapidly. Global positioning systems, unmanned aerial vehicles and robotics will play an increasing role in precision agriculture. Find out more about equipment on the farm:

Feed and grain handling

The transportation, handling and storage of forages and feeds is a significant component of crop and livestock operations. Good storage for farm crops is a sound investment, whether the material being stored is for use on the farm or for sale. Inadequate facilities and improper management can lead to substantial losses due to spoilage, insect and rodent damage, and fire from spontaneous combustion. Equipment suited to specific needs evolves constantly. A complete storage and handling system should be designed to meet both present and future requirements and to maximize mechanization and ease of access.

Pesticide application and sprayers

The reality of modern agriculture to provide food for an increasing population demands that some use of herbicides and insecticides is necessary. New technologies are being developed to minimize use. It is important that chemicals are applied only when necessary and that equipment utilized to apply such control products is working effectively. Calibration and knowledge of sprayers is essential for any farm operation. Read the following factsheets for more information on pesticide storage and handling: