Taking Stock: Self Assessment Tool

The first step in an orderly planning process is a self-assessment of farm business management practices. The Taking Stock workbook will assess your farm management systems, knowledge, and skills.

As you go through the workbook, you will learn how planning provides the framework for effective decision-making. You will be able to set and prioritize goals for the farm’s future and identify resources that can help meet these goals. The purpose of the Taking Stock workbook is to build on your strengths and create a Farm Action Plan to improve your farm management abilities.

Develop your Farm Action Plan and bring value to your management team by completing the Taking Stock workbook on line or paper version

To request a hard copy of a Taking Stock guide, send your request to Farm Business Advisory Services:


This material has been modified for use in British Columbia from the original developed by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Services Branch, Farm Business Management Services. This material is based on the original "Growing Your Farm Profits" workbook created by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in co-operation with the Government of Canada and the Agricultural Adaptation Council.

The British Columbia version was prepared by the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture Business Development Team that is delivering the Growing Forward Agri-food Business Development Program. This program is funded by Growing Forward, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.