Nutrient Management

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What is nutrient management?

Nutrient management is an essential step in maintaining soil health and optimizing crop yield and quality. Nutrient management involves applying the right type of nutrient sources, such as manure, fertilizer or compost in the right amount, in the right place and at the right time.

Soil sampling and testing is often a first step in nutrient management and a proactive approach to monitor and maintain soil health, informing farmers how much manure (or alternative nutrient) to apply, and where. A major reason for soil testing is to evaluate soil fertility, the ability of the soil to supply crops with nutrients.

Understanding soil test results can guide decisions and help to:

  • Know what nutrients your crops will require
  • Avoid over-application of nutrients and unnecessary costs
  • Prevent water contamination and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Maintain optimum pH, micronutrients in your soil

For more information on soil sampling, including:

visit our Soil Nutrient Testing page.

Nutrient management tools and programs

Nutrient Management Calculator

Simplify your nutrient management process with our calculator. Interpret soil results, assess crop nutrient requirements, and set application rates.

Application Risk Management Tool

Check weather and field conditions before you spread using our Application Risk Management (ARM) tool.  

Soil Test Phosphorus Converter 

Convert laboratory phosphorous results from the original testing method to Kelowna method used in B.C.

Nutrient Management Plan Training

Learn how to prepare nutrient management plans through a ministry training program.

Manure Nutrient Calculator 

Determine the nutrient contributions of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium from manures and the other organic nutrient sources.

Post-Harvest Nitrate Test Calculator 

Convert laboratory soil nitrate test results from parts per million to amounts in kilograms per hectare


Other nutrient management pages

Nutrient Management FAQs

Some FAQs about Nutrient Management are listed below with links to further information. If you have any questions about nutrient management, contact us at


Plan for success with an Environmental Farm Plan (EFP)? If you are a farmer or rancher in British Columbia, an EFP planning advisor will walk through environmental risks and opportunities on your operation, including nutrient management.  This program is, voluntary, confidential, and free. Visit the EFP program website for more information.