Nutrient management plan training

Nutrient management plans (NMPs) are used to help farmers efficiently meet their production objectives and protect the environment. Plans provide balanced recommendations for farmers on which nutrient sources to apply and what rates they should be applied at. 

In B.C., requirements for NMPs are being phased in for farms based on their location, type of operation, and soil test values. The training program will provide trainees with the expertise to use planning tools and produce NMPs as a service to farmers or for their own farm. Course content focuses on how to build a plan that meets objectives laid out in the Code of Practice for Agricultural Environmental Management

The program has four steps: 

  1. Enroll online and start with a self-paced online course. Expect to spend approximately 20 hours to complete the course
  2. Sign up for a one-day facilitated session (in person or virtually), after completing the online course. Dates for summer and fall sessions will be posted on this webpage.
  3. Pass an exam covering the content from the online course and facilitated session 
  4. Have a ‘case study’ NMP approved by B.C. Government. 

After completing the program, a trainee may choose to have their name included on a public list of planners.  

The program is meant for: 

  • Individuals with a background or training in agriculture who would like to develop a skillset in nutrient management planning 
  • Consultants or retailers who provide nutrient management advice to farmers 

Scope of the training content: The training program currently includes content for developing plans for using manure or fertilizers in forages, vegetables, and field crop production.  

Pre-requisites: None. However, the program is not a comprehensive course in agronomy. Trainees should meet the following criteria at minimum:  

  • Be a Qualified Professional with an area of practice in soil fertility and nutrient management; or  
  • Have at least 4 years' experience in carrying out agricultural operations, or 
  • Have at least 4 years' experience and post-secondary training in agricultural sciences combined. 

Fees: There is a $100.00 enrolment fee for the training program. 

Enroll now: Enroll in the training program through the online course administered by Open School B.C.

Open School B.C. enrollment  


Dates for upcoming facilitated sessions

Date Location Spaces currently available?
August 23, 2023 Online Yes
October 18, 2023 Online Yes

Before registering for a facilitated session you must complete the online modules (step 1) in the NMP training.  To register for a session, email and include the username which you have used to enroll with Open School B.C.