Kootenay - Soils

Tools, factsheets and resources for the Kootenay agricultural region on the following soil and nutrient topics:

Soil and Nutrient Management Resources

Factsheets and handbooks for soil management and nutrient amendment practices. Note: some information in these documents may not be applicable to all areas. Always refer to your own soil test results and local weather conditions.

Top Requested Documents for Kootenay

Soil and Nutrient Management

Soil Testing Resources

Guides, contacts and tools for conducting soil tests and determining fertilizer recommendations. More information is available at Nutrient Management.  To contact a soil scientist see “Useful Contacts” on the Nutrient Management page.

For Kootenay agricultural region, convert soil test P and K values to “Kelowna method” equivalent values (conversions are based on Lower Mainland and Okanagan samples), use the spreadsheet below for conversion.

Find interpretations and fertilizer recommendations for soil test P and K values of the “Kelowna method”.

For all nutrients other than P and K, the most recent and comprehensive interpretations are in the following publication:

Agriculture Canada Soil Surveys

For questions about these maps and data sets, contact Agriculture Canada. (HTML)

Agricultural Land Commission Maps

For questions about these maps or the Agricultural Land Reserve, contact the Agricultural Land Commission.