Complex Health Needs

Specialized support is available to assist families with children who have unique and complex health care needs – to help them live at home and participate in regular daily activities.

Types Funding & Support

Brain injury: The Community Brain Injury Program for Children & Youth offers short-term rehabilitation and support services for children and teens with acquired brain injury in B.C. The program helps with the transition from hospital or rehab centre to home, school and community.

Medical benefits, respite care and specialized services: In some cases, families who qualify can get help with medical items, equipment and services, respite care or support from a health professional. The At Home Program makes these supports available to children and teens who would otherwise need to stay in the hospital if they didn't have them.

Nursing: Parents and caregivers can get assistance from local registered nurses to help with special care needs so that their kid can stay at home and live an active, healthy life.

Specialized development and rehabilitation: Supplement treatment using programs and services at the Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children which include:

  • Prescription and fitting of customized assistive devices, including mobility devices (e.g. wheelchairs)
  • Complex feeding and nutritional assessment
  • Psychology assessment or consultation