The At Home Program

The At Home Program is designed to support children and teens with a severe disability or complex health care needs – find out about eligibility requirements and services available:

Apply for the At Home Program

Step 1: With help from a doctor, complete the At Home Program Application (PDF).

Step 2: Mail or fax the application to your local At Home Program Regional Office (PDF).

Step 3: After your application is received, the program will contact you to arrange for an in-home assessment of your child or teen's abilities in four functional activities of daily living (eating, dressing, toileting and washing). The assessment may also include:

  • Contact with other health care providers about the child or teen’s needs and abilities
  • Observing the child or teen in another setting

Parents will receive a copy of the assessment once it's completed.

Step 4: After the assessment is completed, a regional committee reviews the application and assessment and makes an eligibility recommendation to the At Home Program.

Step 5: Parents are sent a letter with the final decision, and, if the child or teen is eligible for the program, a children and youth with special needs (CYSN) social worker will follow up to discuss the family’s needs and other available services.

Medical Benefits

Find out about the medical items, equipment and services available for eligible children and teens enrolled in the At Home Program:

School-Aged Extended Therapy

Occupational and physiotherapy services are available to help children and teens be independent and reach educational goals while at school.