Related Queries - Enhanced Search

You use Related Queries to associate alternative words or phrases with specified search terms.

When a user enters the specified search term, the alternative appears as a suggestion. The user can click the suggested alternative to start another search.

For example, if a user searches for "health insurance," the search results can suggest "Medical Services Plan." Related queries appear on the search page after the words "You could also try,".

Related queries appear as suggestions on the search results page only when a user searches for the exact search term that you specify. The following table provides examples of search terms and related queries.

Search Term Related Query
employment BC Jobs Plan
MSP119 Application for Regular Premium Assistance
fin400 Provincial Sales Tax Return form
msp Medical Services Plan of B.C.

Adding a New Related Query

To add a new Related Query:

  1. Click the Add New Related Query button.
  2. A new row of editable fields displays on the page.
  3. Add your new Related Query, one per line.
  4. To add more rows, click the plus icon. plus icon
  5. Click Save Settings button.

Editing a Related Query

To edit an existing Related Query:

  1. Click in the field you want to edit.
  2. Edit the text.
  3. Click Save Settings button.

Deleting a existing Related Query

To delete Related Query:

  1. Click the delete icon to the left of the row you want to delete.delete icon
  2. Click Save Settings button.