6450 - Information System Development & Changes

Records relating to the planning, business analysis, development, and implementation of new ministry/agency computer-based information systems (e.g., software applications, computer networks, and web sites), as well as changes and enhancements to existing ministry/agency information technology.

Record types include correspondence, business process diagrams and models, project charters, business cases, feasibility studies, minutes, technical documentation, application release acceptance records, records of decisions, data dictionaries, and reports.

For contract procurement and contract management, see primary 1070.
For copyright and other intellectual property records, see primary 345.
For non-IT related business analysis, see secondary 400-20.
For operations and maintenance, see primary 6820.
For security threat and risk assessments, see primary 470.
For software and hardware inventories, see primary 737.
For software licences and agreements, see primary 737.
For systems security control documentation, see primary 470.
For training, see primary 1735.
For web site content planning and development, see primary 340.
For workstation refresh projects, see secondary 400-40.

The ministry or agency OPR is the computing services branch or equivalent, unless otherwise specified below.

non-OPR NOTE: Offices will retain non-OPR copies of records for SO nil DE

Primary-Secondary Records Series OPR
6450-00 Policy and procedures SO nil DE
6450-01 General FY+2y nil DE
6450-20 IT projects
(arrange by project and then, if desired, by phase)
(covers project documentation relating to all phases of information technology projects, such as: corporate information models, data sharing and integration, data administration, design, development, maintenance plans, network development, post-implementation audits and reviews, requirements definition, systems documentation, and test implementation)
SO = upon project completion, cancellation, or abandonment and when no longer required for reference
DE = IT project files can be destroyed, upon authorization of the Records Officer, because significant documentation is selectively retained from 6450-80, as well as under executive records covered by primary 280 and/or by the Special Schedule for Executive Records (102906).
SO 2y DE
6450-80 IT application/system documentation - final versions
(covers user guides, code repositories, data dictionaries, technical design documentation, support manuals, application-specific troubleshooting guides, application management procedures, backup schedules, and documentation of steering committee and other governance decisions)
SO = upon completion of post implementation review, or when project is abandoned, and when no longer required for reference
SR = After the final versions of system documentation reach the final disposition phase, a government archivist will select significant files, i.e., mainly files containing documentation that relates to systems governance decisions and/or systems retained for the archives.
NOTE: Classify the development of this documentation (including significant drafts) under secondary -20.
SO 2y SR

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