6820 - Information Systems Operations

Records relating to the operation of ministry/agency computer-based information systems.  This involves day-to-day maintenance, including data administration, database management, backups and recoveries, reported incidents, problem management, user help and support, program bug identification and fixes, and application and system performance monitoring.

Record types include correspondence, logs, reports, and backup storage media (e.g., magnetic tapes, optical disks, and memory sticks).

For data in databases and systems, see the relevant ARCS or ORCS secondary.
For disaster recovery plans, see primary 275.
For information system development, see primary 6450.
For security, see primary 470.

The ministry or agency OPR is the computing services branch or equivalent, unless otherwise specified below.

non-OPR NOTE: Offices will retain non-OPR copies of records for: SO nil DE

Primary-Secondary Records Series OPR
6820-00 Policy and procedures
(covers file backup procedures)
SO nil FR
6820-01 General FY+2y nil DE
6820-05 Backup data
(covers copies of data created for the sole purpose of restoring data after a system failure or disaster)
SO = when no longer required for system recovery, and in accordance with the established backup cycle for the application or system
NOTE: Backup storage media must be re-used, destroyed or data previously recorded on the medium erased in accordance with the provincial government’s asset disposal standards (e.g., IT Asset Disposal Standard) and backup and recovery policies and procedures (e.g., Core Policy and Procedures Manual chapter 8.3.2 and internal ministry/agency policies and procedures).
SO nil DE
6820-06 Log files
(includes application, server, web site, system, audit, event, and equivalent logs)
SO = when no longer required
NOTE: Classify logs monitored by security staff and/or relevant to security investigations under primary 470.  Classify logs documenting compliance with vendor agreements with the related contract under primary 1070.
SO nil DE
6820-20 Information system maintenance records
(covers maintenance plans, disk space management, tape space management, system capacity planning, maintenance of local, shared and external applications, job control language reports, maintenance reports, status reports, system response time reports, system usage/activity reports, billing information system reports, labour detail reports, disk space usage reports, tape space usage reports, and tape library usage reports)
SO = when no longer required to support the application, server, or system
SO 2y DE
6820-25 Reported incidents and user help and support
(covers end user service statistics, help desk alerts/exception reports, and incident reports)
SO = upon resolution of incident or provision of help and support, and when no longer required to support the application, server, or system
SO 2y DE

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