280 - Executive Services, General

Records relating to the provision of various administrative services for the ministry executive (i.e., minister, deputy minister, assistant deputy ministers, and equivalent positions) by ministry non-executive offices. Those services include the preparation of replies for letters addressed to the executive, the preparation of executive briefing notes, and the management of issues of executive concern.

Records types include correspondence, reports, and briefing notes and equivalent briefing material (e.g., fact sheets) used to brief the ministry executive.

For correspondence convenience files, see primary 100.
For correspondence guidelines and tracking, see primary 255.
For form letter manuals, see primary 195.
For general ministry issues and inquiries, see primary 295.
For legislative matters, including house briefing notes, see primary 355.
For reporting boards, agencies, and Crown corporations, see primary 282.
For the retention of records maintained by the executive, see the Special Schedule for Executive Records (102906).

The ministry or agency OPR is the designated non-executive offices unless otherwise specified below.

non-OPR NOTE: Offices will retain non-OPR copies of records for SO nil DE

Primary-Secondary Records Series OPR
280-00 Policy and procedures SO nil DE
280-01 General CY+2y nil DE
280-20 Executive briefing notes
(also known as requests for decision)
CY+1y 9y SR
280-30 Executive correspondence referral replies
(also known as minister’s letters)
(includes letters to the executive and reply letters)
NOTE: Classify the “official file copy” of briefing notes and minister’s letters under secondaries -20 and -30 respectively. Copies may be classified on the relevant ARCS or ORCS secondary if they add to the accuracy, integrity, and completeness of that other file.
CY+1y 9y SR
280-40 Executive issues records SO+1y 9y SR
OPR = Designated non-executive offices are the OPR for the records classified under this primary. Executive offices must apply the Special Schedule for Executive Records (102906) to these records. All other offices must apply the non-OPR retention period and final disposition to these records.      
10y = The retention period is consistent with the retention period in the Special Schedule for Executive Records (102906).      

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