Sandra Cunningham (QC)

Sandra Cunningham picture and quote

Sandra Cunningham, QC, received the Legacy Premier’s Award in 2016 and was inducted into the Hall of Excellence the same year. She has been a prosecutor for over 38 years and is a highly-regarded leader within the Criminal Justice Branch. 

Advocacy is a passion for Sandra. During her career, she has taken several courses in advocacy and adult education on her own time to better understand teaching methodologies, and to develop an effective approach for her own program delivery. She then brings this learning to her work environment and shares the benefits with her public service colleagues, as well as external stakeholders and other system participants. Sandra volunteers countless hours, and demonstrates immeasurable energy each year, in training people outside of the Criminal Justice Branch.

More than 15 years ago, Sandra developed advocacy training programs that are specific to Crown Counsel and have greatly enhanced the quality of the prosecution work done on behalf of B.C.’s Prosecution Service. She continues to lead these programs, sharing her expertise and contributing in a fundamental way to the development of a robust knowledge base and skill set for Crown Counsel to maximize on behalf of the public. This training is, and will continue to be, a mainstay of the professional development program for B.C.’s Prosecution Service. 



There is no doubt that Sandra is an outstanding advocate, exceptional mentor and teacher to other lawyers, both internal and external to government. All of that notwithstanding, it cannot be forgotten that first and foremost, Sandra is an outstanding prosecutor. She has prosecuted countless difficult and serious cases, including working as co-counsel on the prosecution against serial killer Clifford Olson.

And Sandra is no stranger to accolades. Her work has been recognized by the likes of the Vancouver Police Department and in 2005, she was awarded a Queen’s Counsel designation by the provincial Attorney General. She is greatly respected by the Judiciary, other counsel, police officers, court staff, witnesses and victims. 

Sandra is an extraordinary role model for other justice system participants and she exemplifies the very best that the BC Public Service has to offer.