Dave Jagpal

Image of Dave Jagpal

For almost 30 years Dave Jagpal has provided leadership in the delivery of income assistance in Vancouver and throughout the Lower Mainland.

Over his career, Dave has inspired best practices that focus on helping B.C.’s most vulnerable citizens, many homeless and most living with multiple barriers, addictions and mental health issues in “Canada’s Poorest Postal Code”—Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. His passion to improve outcomes for marginalized groups has resulted in positive, life-changing impacts and improved services.


Without his vision of collaborative partnerships, the numerous integrated and effective partnerships with provincial ministries, municipal and federal government, non-profit service providers and the business community may not exist for one of the most vulnerable client populations in Canada. With very limited resources and seeming insurmountable community need, Dave built integrated services with partner organizations in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, one relationship at a time. Expanding upon these relationships built throughout Vancouver, Dave galvanized resources and extended similar exceptional services throughout the Lower Mainland.