Peter Watkins

Last updated on May 9, 2023

Peter Watkins was inducted to the Hall of Excellence in 2020. He is a global visionary for safe and secure digital services and has changed the way every BC Public Service employee works. Peter sparked small technology companies to lend fresh ideas and nimbleness to bureaucracy. This work gave 4.7 million citizens access to a diverse range of online services including securing student loans, accessing Canada Revenue Agency tax records and checking patient files for physicians.

Peter set a course as a major disrupter with the creation of a revolutionary system for the BC Public Service. This system enabled employees to log into their computer, email and mobile device using a single username and password. Following this he created the BC Services Card, an innovation in digital identity for citizens. Peter also founded the BC Developers' Exchange and simplified the way government procures services. This made it easier for small tech businesses to work with government, reduced costs and accelerated the delivery of government priorities.

Legacy: Peter Watkins

Image of the Hall of Excellence Medallion