Basic income report

In July 2018, government appointed an expert panel to study basic income in British Columbia. After two years of research, the expert panel has produced a comprehensive report making 65 recommendations to improve B.C.’s social safety net and recommended against implementing a basic income or conducting a basic income pilot.

Government is committed to reviewing the recommendations, in the context of TogetherBC, to determine the best path forward to reducing poverty and improving the lives of all British Columbians.

Expert Panel on Basic Income

  • David A. Green (chair), Vancouver School of Economics, University of British Columbia
  • Jonathan Rhys Kesselman, School of Public Policy, Simon Fraser University
  • Lindsay M. Tedds, School of Public Policy, University of Calgary

Indigenous income supports

As part of its work, the Expert Panel on Basic Income determined that a separate study should be commissioned to review income supports for Indigenous peoples in a rigorous, inclusive, and respectful way. The report provides 51 recommendations to improve government’s existing system of supports for Indigenous people in B.C.:

The study was a partnership between the First Nations Leadership Council and report authors:

  • Anke Kessler, Department of Economics, Simon Fraser University
  • Jacqueline Quinless, Department of Sociology, University of Victoria