Accessibility 2024

Accessibility 2024 is a 10-year action plan to make B.C. more accessible for people with disabilities. More than half a million British Columbians self-identify as having a disability, or 15 percent of the population. 

The plan is designed around 12 building blocks. These are the themes that emerged from the disability consultation process. The building blocks contain goals and commitments and create a vision of what success will look like.

What is Accessibility?

Accessibility is about providing people of all abilities with the opportunity to live full, inclusive lives.

Accessibility is about challenging our attitudes and beliefs about disabilities, and recognizing the value and contributions that people with disabilities can make to our workplaces, communities and economy.

By preventing and removing barriers that hinder the participation and inclusion of the approximately 15 per cent of British Columbians over the age of 15 that currently self-identify as having a disability, B.C. will be a better place to live, work and visit for everyone.

ASL video: "What is Accessibility?"

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Two Years of Progress

Since Accessibility 2024 was launched in 2014, government, business and the disability community have worked together on implementing the plan, with advice and guidance from the Accessibility 2024 Leadership Team. While there’s still a lot to be done, there has been much progress in raising awareness around accessibility and building more inclusive B.C. communities and businesses.

The Accessibility 2024 Year Two Progress Update shares what has been done so far for each building block. Highlights include:

Building Blocks

Visit each building block for goals, actions and highlights of progress to date: