Help for People with Persistent Multiple Barriers to Employment

If you have persistent multiple barriers to employment, you may be able to get extra assistance.

This help gives you the time and support you need to overcome your barriers to employment and move toward independence. It also gives you extra time to transition to other types of assistance if you're eligible, like disability assistance.

You might be able to get this extra help if you have:

  • Been on income assistance for 12 of the last 15 months
  • Multiple severe barriers to employment, one of which must be an eligible medical condition that seriously impedes your ability to search for, accept or continue a job
  • Taken all reasonable steps to overcome your barriers

Or if you have:

  • Been on income assistance for 12 of the last 15 months
  • An eligible medical condition, that, by itself, prevents you from searching for, accepting, or continuing a job

An eligible medical condition is one that:

  • You’ve had for at least one year
  • Is likely to continue or reoccur frequently for at least two years
  • Is not an addiction

If you qualify for this kind of assistance, you will get:

  • An exemption from having to work or look for work
  • Extra medical supports
  • To earn up to $700.00 per month without reducing your assistance amount
  • Extra money for support

You will also get all the supports available through income assistance.

If you think you are someone with persistent multiple barriers to employment: