Employment planning

While you’re receiving income assistance, you’ll be required to look for and accept work, unless you’re exempt. You’ll have to complete an employment plan, which is a contract between you and the ministry. It is a legal document that outlines activities you must do to continue to receive assistance.

Your employment plan is:

  • A personalized plan that lists the steps you can take to find a job
  • Based on your individual strengths, skills, abilities and circumstances
  • Developed by or with an Employment Assistance Worker
  • Reviewed and updated by you and an Employment Assistance Worker

Your plan may include:

  • Work search activities, such as developing a resume and researching job opportunities
  • Referral to a WorkBC Centre or other programs to help you find work
  • Job training

If you are a single parent, you may also be eligible for extra support and training. Find out more about the Single Parent Employment Initiative.

It’s required that you take part in your employment plan. It is vital to helping you find and keep a job. Your assistance will stop if you do not carry out the employment planning activities.

If you have questions about your employment plan or would like to make a change to it: