Rights and responsibilities

Last updated on January 5, 2024

You have certain rights if you apply for and receive income or disability assistance. You also have responsibilities. The B.C. government also has responsibilities to you.

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Government’s responsibilities

The B.C. government ensures that only eligible people receive income or disability assistance. There is a legal responsibility and authority to verify the information you provide. The government can collect, use or share your personal information under the authority of the:

  • Employment and Assistance Act
  • Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Act

The B.C. government needs your permission to discuss your information with any third party. If a worker needs to share your information, they will ask you to fill out the Consent to Disclosure of Information (PDF, 487KB) form.

Your rights

If you apply for and receive income or disability assistance, you have the right to:

  • Apply when you are in need
  • Get the information and help you need to complete your application
  • Have your eligibility determined on the basis of the information you provide
  • Get all income or disability assistance and services you qualify for
  • Get access to programs that will help you find work, subject to availability
  • Understand your responsibilities to apply for and receive other sources of assistance
  • Be informed about processes and decisions affecting you
  • Ask for an eligibility decision to be reconsidered or appealed
  • Receive courteous, respectful, efficient and fair service
  • Be treated without discrimination
  • Have service quality complaints addressed in an appropriate and timely manner

Your privacy

You have the right to have your personal information and privacy protected. When you provide information about yourself and your family, you have the right to be:

  • Asked for information in a fair and lawful way
  • Told why the government needs this information
  • Informed that government collects your information under the authority of its legislation
  • Asked only for information that the government requires to determine your eligibility
  • Told how the government will use, disclose and protect your personal information
  • Given access to your own personal records
  • Allowed to request correction of any wrong personal information
  • Given access to a government official who you can contact for further information
  • Told how to make a privacy complaint

Your responsibilities

Before you apply and while you receive assistance, you have the responsibility to:

  • Conduct a work search before your eligibility interview date, unless you're exempt
  • Seek out any other income that you may be able to get
  • Take part in employment and/or training programs you get referred to
  • Be available for any job you are able to do
  • Take personal responsibility for becoming self-supporting as fast possible
  • Have, or apply for, a social insurance number
  • Provide appropriate identification for yourself and other family members
  • Make sure all the information you provide is true and complete
  • Communicate any change in your circumstances that may change your eligibility
Report fraud

If you know someone has given false or misleading information to get income or disability assistance, you can report them confidentially.

File your taxes and get money back

Filing your income tax is an easy way to get tax benefits from the government. Receiving tax benefits doesn’t affect your assistance.

Contact information

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